How To Get A Firm Belly

People consider it a great deal to have a flat, taut belly. Advertisements are all around the place with statements such as “How to get a firm belly,” or “develop super abs.” What is more important for us to know is that belly fat does not just look bad but is injurious to health.

There have been several studies conducted in the past that link belly flab to heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Take a measurement of your waist to check out if you have crossed the limits of safe abdominal fat. To be really healthy, men are required to have a below 40-inch waistline circumference. It should be below 35 inches in the case of women.

Some really useful and time-tested methods have been listed below that will show you how to get a firm belly and keep abdominal fat within healthy limits.

Exercise Regularly And Eat Healthy

You don’t have to go to a gym to exercise. Calories can be burned off effectively by just participating in activities you love or enjoy. For instance, you can burn a few hundred calories every hour by indulging in gardening. More calories can be burned, if you take part in team sports such as flag football. Swimming is both fun and healthy. Go for walks in a natural environment or do social work.

Take your fat-burning metabolism to the next level with cardio exercise. Be persistent, take part in a favorite activity without losing momentum, and your weight will reduce drastically. Prepare yourself to change your routine on and off to avoid boredom and to get the best results while learning how to get a firm belly.

A firm belly can be developed with the help of many different exercises. A study was conducted by the American Council on Exercise to find out which exercises focused on reducing belly fat. It was revealed that captain’s chair leg lifts, vertical leg crunches, and supine bicycle focused on developing abs more than other exercise routines.

Exercise ball crunches and twisting crunches also helped a great deal. Follow a routine including these exercises into a weekly routine to reduce your waistline and get a firm stomach. Just go online and get a better understanding of how these exercises work step by step.

Different kinds of foods can also help you get a firm stomach. Your diet should be low in sugar and high in fiber and protein to get the best results. Follow a diet plan that consists of lean protein sources, unsaturated fats, and complex carbohydrates. A classic example is the South Beach diet plan. You’ll find several other plans that have been introduced into the market more recently.

Make A Conscious Effort To Relax

Did you ever imagine that you could get a firm stomach just by relaxing? Well, it is possible if you practice yoga. It affects the stomach in two different ways. Firstly, weight gain induced through high stress levels is reduced. High stress is very much responsible for your increased waistline. You will get a flatter stomach and avoid more serious diseases just by reducing stress levels.

Muscle toning can also be done with yoga. Adopt a routine that comprises of yogic postures that focus on developing abdominal muscles such as supine poses. You can get free yoga lessons via video online or you could hire a yoga DVD from a neighborhood library.

Exercises that focus on your stomach can be easily identified. In order to achieve faster results, design a routine that works best for you in terms of reducing belly fat. You will soon realize that the effort you put in to get a firm stomach is very rewarding.