Easily Available Top Fat Burning Foods

Can the rate of metabolism actually be speeded up with top fat burning foods? The answer is a big yes. You can actually induce a faster rate of burning fat in your body consuming the right kind of food.

Some of the easily available and tasty food items for burning fat are listed below.

Whole Grain And Oatmeal

Begin your day with a bowl of warm oatmeal. It is the best start to your day that you could hope for, as oatmeal contains high levels of fiber content that helps you fight fatigue and avoid clumsy accidents by stabilizing glucose levels in the blood. Oatmeal is heavy and delicious. You can add milk without fat content to get better results at burning fat. Fiber and calcium are excellent fat-burning ingredients in food.

You will get an additional boost of energy when you wake up early and consume oatmeal rich in carbohydrates. However, you must realize that carbohydrates need more time to digest. A good oatmeal breakfast will not make you feel hungry and still not adversely affect your energy levels. Additionally, oatmeal reduces high cholesterol levels.

Ginger And Citrus

Do you remember the days when your mom used to insist you take in a lot of vitamins C just before you catch a cold? Well, the reason is that vitamin C gives a boost to the immune system in the body and also helps you burn fat faster.

Fat-burning capacity is enhanced in two ways. Firstly, the rate of fat metabolism is speeded up. Secondly, storage of fat is affected positively. Fat molecules are broken down by citric acid thereby reducing their storage capability. The body then flushes it out as waste.

Citrus fruits are considered among the top fat burning foods, as they contain very high levels of vitamin C. Add different types of citrus foods such as tangerines, limes, oranges, and lemons to your daily diet. Have the fruit itself without resorting to juices, as you will lose out on the fibrous content that is excellent in burning fat. If you don’t like fruits, have tomatoes that are also good in burning fat. Consume home-made sauces made of fresh tomatoes to get the required boost in fat metabolism.

Another tangy fat burner is ginger. It acts like a basodilator opening up blood vessels and allowing blood to flow through them more freely. The rate of fat metabolism is thereby significantly boosted. There are several studies clearly indicating that regular intake of ginger helps people lose around 20% more fat than those who do not consume ginger.

Citrus flavors and ginger are complimentary when used in combination, more so in Asian recipes. Try out this combination to lose weight without losing taste for good food.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Doctors have always recommended olive oil, as it is extremely good for the heart. It consists of unsaturated fat that is responsible for increasing the quantity of high-density lipids or good cholesterol in the blood supply. HDL, as it is commonly called, helps in removing arterial bad cholesterol. If you use margarine or butter, replace it with olive oil to increase the rate of fat metabolism and lower bad cholesterol at the same time.

Beans And Nuts

Beans and nuts are great in burning fat with the additional benefit of not feeling hungry for long periods of time. They contain high fiber content similar to oatmeal that boosts your fat metabolism. However, they are also rich in protein, which is vital for building lean muscle mass responsible for faster burning of calories in comparison to fat tissue.

You can achieve your goal of losing fat by consuming the right food, a lot of water, and some relaxing cardio exercises to succeed.